Finding The Perfect Property

How It Works

Listening Ear 

To Kate, you are an individual about to make one of the most important financial decisions of your life.  She will listen to what your specific goals and needs are in a new home.  Then she will send you alerts to property that meets your specifications as soon as it becomes available.

Ready to Buy 

The last thing you want to happen is to fall in love with a house only to find it is beyond your grasp. Kate has developed relationships with a variety of reputable lenders who are as passionately committed to getting you in the right home as she is.  They will work with you to determine what you can afford before you find your dream home.



Kate works with a local design firm doing groundbreaking work in digital imaging of homes. If you get excited about a home that needs work and you need help envisioning and budgeting, Kate has the contacts and relationships to make that happen.