Winchester has prided itself on being
a well-kept secret. Until now.


Apple Blossom

Once the Apple Capital of the World, Winchester still boasts beautiful orchards and farms. Every year the city explodes to host over 250,000 visitors for an overwhelming variety of events, including our famous Apple Blossom FestivalStrawberries, apples, pumpkins — you name it, we have it. Families spend hours picking their own, enjoying apple cider donuts, and generally soaking up the glory of the Valley.

Handley High School

When transplants come here, they are struck by one architectural feature more than any other: Handley High SchoolMy children all have gone there or are on their way there. The Handley Library is a marvel, itself, and has recently undergone a world-class renovation. But the school is the heartbeat of the community — as are the county high schools.

Old Town

Any night of the week, take a stroll down Winchester's Old Town Mall and it will be hopping. New restaurants — authentic New Orleans fare, a cosmopolitan farm to table spot that looks more New York than Winchester, brick oven pizza and the world's best eggplant parm with an array of microbrews, cozy coffee shops, a French bakery, and the list goes on.