Explosive Growth Predicted: "Winchester is going to become the new Leesburg"

Photo from Flickr user m01229

Photo from Flickr user m01229

By 2040, Frederick County's population is expected to explode 77%. This according to Washingtonian magazine and numbers put out by the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at UVA. That 77% will not be happy news to a lot of folks here in God's country. But as the article points out, and as those of us who have run the rat race in DC/NoVa know, it's just too good here to be kept a secret for much longer. 

"UVA’s forecasts have the population jumping 78 percent, from 82,059 today to 145,938 in 2040," according to the article. "'Winchester is going to become the new Leesburg,' says real-estate agent Sue Smith. Winchester Medical Center finished a $161-million expansion not long ago, attracting doctors and health-care workers to the area. Nearby, in the vicinity of Stephens City, K. Hovnanian Homes has just finished a new phase of its 396-home exurban development, Canter Estates. The 69 new properties start at $294,990, and marketing manager Chelsea Payson says most come with a home office or library, convenient for the frequent teleworker who can’t make the 79-mile commute to DC each day."

Thanks to the ever-vigilant Eileen Isola at PVL Design for the head's up about this piece in Washingtonian. Through her innovative, cutting edge company, Eileen has been preparing for and encouraging the westward migration for a couple of years now, urging other local business people to be prepared for what it means for all of us. Well, apparently, it's now officially coming. 

Read the whole article here. Think real estate investments. You bet I am!